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Anonymous asked: So I read DB's guide for being domme, and I loved it!!! It turned me on thinking about being dominant actually, which I'd never thought I'd like.


honest to god, it’s one of the sexiest things on all of tumblr. (it doesn’t hurt that when you read it, you picture her.)

Oh thank you :)

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I want to watch you get fucked. I want to sit there with my dick in my hand, slowly stroking my cock, as I watch him try to satisfy you… maybe he will, momentarily… but it’ll never be enough. And when he’s done, after he’s buttoned up his pants and head out to his car… I’ll come over, pick you up and carry you to your bed… I’ll brush your hair back and kiss your cheeks and then I’ll fuck your brains out.

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Maybe a relationship is just two idiots who don’t know a damn thing except the fact that they’re willing to figure it out together.



Jewel Ribbed 
Pink Flower
Gold Luv Plug
Bunny Tail
Vibrating Mint Gumdrop
XL Luv Plug
Clear Glass
Rose Glass
Purple Jeweled

Anonymous asked: I had sex a month ago and I think I have a uti and I've tried to get rid of it at home by drinking a lot of water but if I go to the doctors my mum will think something's up and start snooping around and I just don't know what to do


And PS you can get a UTI for different reasons, not necessarily sex, so you shouldn’t be worried about your mom finding out.

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Anonymous asked: No one pointing out that you just said "eager beavers" when it comes to you and sex. You're such a legend...

Yeah I was pretty proud of that

Anonymous asked: Hey DB!! Hope you're having a wonderful day. I just bought my second ever toy from your store (iVibe Rocket in purple). It arrived so quickly (3rd day after purchasing) and I couldn't wait to try it out.. So I did. Most amazing orgasm I've ever had. Love it. :)

Happy customers are my favorite !

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willonenine84 asked: Too wet?! There's no such thing. Be a good boy and lap it all up and get your face and beard covered in it. Waste not want not....

I like the way you think!

Anonymous asked: Do you recommend a particular brand of lube for starting I try anal sex? If you don't have a particular brand preference, does it matter if I use oil or water based?

I don’t recommend oil-based lube at all- it can lead to infections. Go with water or silicone based. Silicone-based is good for anal because it doesn’t dry, but I find it to be too messy and sticky and it’s not recommended to use with toys so I’m not a big fan. I prefer basic water-based, for toys or with a partner. THIS is the one I use, I have for like a year now and it’s perf for me.

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